Sunway SQ Mall

A Curated Retail Experience

Sunway SQ Mall

About SQ Mall

Beyond the shopping experience, Sunway SQ (South Quay) Mall is primed to offer a wide range of services and amenities to consumers, catering to the growing middle to upper-income population to realise its full market potential as it continues to develop.

Introducing a curated retail experience unlike any other.

An Icon of Excitement

A Vibrant Space for All

With its exciting and unique brand offerings, Sunway SQ Mall has everything and more for the large catchment to shop, dine, play, and learn-all under one roof of a like-minded community.

A Diverse Range of Experiences

Urban Culture

A model city that embraces an ecosystem of a healthy and laid-back atmosphere for generations to come. This culture takes on the contemporary architecture and urban art approach, as well as unique brand offerings to attract shoppers and beyond.



With creative open spaces and coffee shop boutiques, the shopping experience goes beyond showcasing Sunway SQ Mall's finest offerings. Here, spaces are designed to learn and explore the diversity and multiculturalism that surrounds and extends beyond the township.


The purpose of enrichment is to introduce new hobbies to consumers that will enable them to grow, expand, and develop new skills through a variety of hands-on experiences, such as DIY workshops and classes the modern world has to offer.


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